Aleppo Release: 022

Aleppo is a Help file creation tool that converts an Rich Text Format (.rft) file created on a PC to an Symbian OS Data format file suitable for opening as a Help file on a Symbian OS device.

Suitable for devices based on: Symbian OS v3 and v5

Download: Aleppo (2.98Mb)

Help on Symbian OS is delivered in the form of a database of help topics, viewed using the built in Data application.

'Aleppo' is a tool that generates help databases from source documents written in an application that can write a 'rich text format' (RTF) file. The content of the different fields in the help database is identified from style marked paragraphs within the source document.

This version (updated from the ER5 Software Development Kit release) features the following improvements:

  • Compression of generated Help files
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Enhanced and extended example projects
  • Ability to use graphics to label tip, important and note paragraphs with graphics

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