OPL Reference Database in Symbian OS Help format

Version 1.0 of the OPL Reference Database (Version 1.0) in symbian OS Help format. Included are descriptions of (most) OPL commands plus the built in OPX commands.

Suitable for devices based on Symbian OS v3 and v5


Symbian OS v5 OPL Help file (192Kb)
Symbian OS v3 OPL help file (114Kb)
'OPL Manual' application (1.93Kb)

The Help file is available in two versions: one is suitable for both Symbian OS v3 and Symbian OS v5 devices, while the other is only suitable for Symbian OS v5 due to data compression available in Symbian OS v5 only.

A small application, called 'OPL Manual', can be used to open the OPL.hlp file. The first time you run 'OPL manual' you will be asked for the location of the OPL.hlp file. It can be used to open both the Symbian OS v3 and Symbian OS v5 versions of the OPL.hlp file

The OPL Manual application is supplied 'as is' and is unsupported.


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