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On this page, we've collected a large number of links to places where you find OPL documents and forums where you can discuss your OPL programming issues with other developers. We're trying to keep this list as complete as possible, so if you have any additions, please let us know and we'll include it here.

Online documentation
OPL WikiThe central reference site for all OPL programmers, where you can find documents detailing OPL keywords, OPX interfaces, links to other OPL resources and lots of other information
Programming tutorials
OPL programming tutorialsSteve Litchfield's excellent OPL programming tutorial
Using FreEPOC's Event CoreAn introduction to creating OPL applications with FreEPOC's free EventCore, written by OPL-DEV's own Ewan Spence
Rapid Mobile Enterprise Development for Symbian OS:
An Introduction to OPL Application Design and Programming
THE OPL book, also written by Ewan Spence
Programming Psion ComputersOPL book By EMCC. Applies mostly to ER5 but very usable for ER6 as well (PDF - free)
AllAboutOPL forumForum dedicated to OPL development for all flavors of OPL
All About SymbianOPL forum at AllAboutSymbian.com
My SymbianOPL forum at MySymbian.com
Other sources
OPL DiaryThe OPL Diary is the 'news' site of OPL. It carries articles, tutorials, interviews and the thoughts of the OPL-Dev team
FreePOCFreePOC is dedicated to releasing high quality freeware for EPOC/Symbian. Lots of their software is written in OPL

BTW if you're a member of CiX, take a look at the psion/2_opl conference.

Articles, OPXs and OPMs for OPL for Symbian OS v5 can be found in the archive. These documents and files need updating.

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