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OPL for Nokia 92xx Communicator series

Here you can download the Nokia 92xx user package. This will allow you to run OPL programs on any of the following Nokia 92xx Communicator series devices:

  • Nokia 9210 Communicator
  • Nokia 9210i Communicator
  • Nokia 9210c Communicator
  • Nokia 9290 Communicator
Simply download the .ZIP file and install the .SIS file on your phone.

Important! You should NOT install this package on the Series 80 2.0 devices: Nokia 9500 Communicator or Nokia 9300(i) Smartphone. The EON14.GDR font file present in the runtime package will crash these newer phones. A compatible version of OPL for the 9300/9500 is available here.

The opl-dev team will continue to support the Nokia 92xx version of OPL.

Nokia 92xx OPL users package v1.56

The user package is available in a choice of two formats:

Click here to download the SIS - the Nokia 92xx Communicator OPL Runtime package 9200-OPL-Public-2006-06-17.sis (239 KB), suitable for direct downloading on your 92xx without having to unzip.

Or get the ZIP file containing:

  • OPL.SIS - the OPL Runtime package, as above
  • DemoOPL.SIS - a demo application written in OPL, which shows that OPL has been installed successfully.
Download the ZIP - the Nokia 92xx Communicator series OPL users package 9200-OPL-Public-2006-06-17.zip (263 KB).

Note: If you also wish to write OPL programs, you will need an OPL developers pack.

Current status

OPL for the Nokia 92xx Communicator Series is a full release at v1.56, moving on from Beta status in 2002.

User release notes

v1.56 17 June 06 ricka at users dot sourceforge dot net and arjenb at users dot sourceforge dot net

Brought in line with the 9300/9500 version including an additional graphics commands and the latest bug-fixes for the OPL runtime and OPX's. For details see the developer release notes.
(Developer release notes with more technical info are here.)

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