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OPL for UIQ phones

The user package for UIQ phones is available for download here. This will run OPL on the following phones:

  • Sony Ericsson P800, P900 and P910
  • Motorola A920, A925 and A1000 (see below)
  • BenQ P30
  • Other UIQ phones
Simply download the .SIS file to your phone, and install it.

Current status

OPL for UIQ phones is a Beta v0.54 release. This means the software is still subject to change, but the functionally is almost complete.

(For more information about developing for this version, please take a look at the UIQ section on the OPL developer page.)

UIQ OPL users package SIS file v0.54 (about 120 KB)

The UIQ OPL users package is available under the LGPL license. To download the OPL-UIQ-054a.SIS file, click here.

Note: If you also wish to write OPL programs, you will need an OPL developers pack.

Release notes

The changes for this v0.54 release of OPL are: There's further info in the UIQ section on the OPL developer page if you require technical details on developing for UIQ.

Dialog problems

OPL doesn't run correctly on some (early?) versions of Motorola A920 and A925. Specifically, there are problems with OPL dialogs. e.g. CONE 4 panic when using an OPL dialog, or inability to use the touchscreen to edit a field in a dialog.
We're looking into this. However, we've only had a couple of reports on the problem. You can help - if you have one of these phones and you've seen this OPL dialog problem, please submit a bug report.


Here are some screenshots of OPL running on UIQ. Click on the thumbnail for the full-size image.

Here's the DemoOPL app running on a UIQ emulator:

thumbnail of DemoOPL app on UIQ

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